Product List

We Believe in Sustainable Supply Chains. Transparency. Knowing Your Manufacturers. 

Customise your pieces through signature design elements, customised monogramming, and distinct artwork.

Our designers have had their prints featured by brands Juicy Couture, Bebe and Kotur. We can provide customised artwork as well as packaging and labelling. You can visit us to see garments made yourself and speak to the makers.  Please note that these prices reflect production run costs for cut and sew. Order quantity, quality of materials selected and complexity of design will affect the prices quoted. Our production houses and partners are in Indonesia, Vietnam, China and Australia.
For large orders, please enquire within as we have networks to high quality, large-scale production facilities.
For small batch boutique orders <150, the following price list applies.


Price List

Yoga Pants $15-25 USD    RRP $80-100 USD
Sports Bras $5-8 USD     RRP $20-30 USD

Tops & Bottoms $5-20 USD    RRP $20-100 USD
Luxury Swimwear Pieces $20-35 USD    RRP $100-300 USD

Baby Clothes
Tops, Bottoms & Rompers $4-8 USD    RRP $15-40 USD
Leather Jackets
Motorbike Leather Jackets $80-100 USD    RRP $400 USD

Leather Bags and Accessories
Passport Holder $15-20 USD    RRP $80-100 USD
Clutch $15-20 USD    RRP $80-120 USD
Laptop Case $20 USD    RRP $80-100 USD
Totes $50-100 USD    RRP $200-400 USD

Shirts, Tops & Dresses
T-Shirt $8-20 USD    RRP $30-80 USD
Polo Shirt $10-20 USD    RRP $40-80 USD
Dresses $10-30 USD    RRP $40-200 USD

 Luxury Pieces $20-50 USD    RRP $100-400 USD

Ballet Flats $20 USD    RRP $80 USD
Suede Pieces $25 USD    RRP $100 USD


For other products, enquire within.