When Creativity Hits the Fashion Runway

RMIT Fashion Honours Runway

I’m always amazed at the young talent that is upon us in this complex and vibrant industry of Melbourne. With Design Make Produce as a proud sponsor, on Tuesday the 18th of October, I had the chance to watch 5 amazing lines walk down the rooftop of L1 studios. The night started off with an exhibition which highlighted each designer’s unique creative character and style. Snapshots of what inspired their designs; fabrics, textures, prints, colours, positioned in each corner of the room, allowing all of us attending, to wonder around with our Cocobella’s, Juices, and Gin & Tonics discussing the amazing talent  that will soon turn their creative learnings into a career. 

Check out the profiles of our favourite up-and-coming young talent.

Designer Bios

 Victoria Bliss

Insta: @vblissdesigns

Victoria Bliss is a Melbourne based designer who strives to produce quality,
minimalistic, neutral designs with classic fits and modern silhouettes. Victoria’s work
explores the innovations that come about through the opposition and bricolage of
both European and Australian fashion cultures, drawing strongly upon upbringing,
endeavouring to create pieces that celebrate the diverse landscapes she’s lived in.
Combining high-end design and construction with an ethos of sustainability and ethical
production, Victoria Bliss aims to empower women through their clothing. Focussing
specifically on form and function, Victoria Bliss’ garments are an exploration of
structure and free form in relation to the body. Through the use of tailoring and drape,
there is a focus on how the garment fits, sits and is anchored to the body.

Alinda Tralongo

Insta: @blankdesigns

Melbourne based designer, Alinda Tralongo looks into the internal structures of garment archetypes, as well as the embellished exterior surface of cloth. Fascinated by the way of dress and a garment's antecedent, layering techniques and exposing the figure within the clothes is an aspect Alinda plays on in the designs. Through creating a unique equilibrium between a research and a making based practice, her garments are stamped with a strong design identity. Construction, embellishment, quality finishing techniques and layering of fabrications are a prominent part of Alinda's design practice.


Grace Alateras

Insta: @madebygrace__

 Grace’s fashion practice specialises in menswear with a particular emphasis on the concept of branding. In her work, the “logo” is disseminated through finishes, fastenings, accent colours, text and styling. The fusion of sportswear and traditional tailoring is fundamental to her design development and is used to reconceptualise modern streetwear. She is greatly inspired by digital culture and the way in which youth interact with commercial brand's; expressing themselves through dress. Construction, considered detailing, textured fabrications and a high level of finish are integral to Grace’s design outcomes.